Journey to an optimistic future.

Designed to inspire anyone who wants to move forward with environmentally friendly electric vehicles on the way of building a sustainable future.

New Gen Electric

Urban electric vehicles with top of its class standards were designed with a pioneering approach in sustainability and innovation. Vehicles equipped with environmentally friendly features redefine what hitting the road means to you.

Creativeness & Experience

Our team of professionals with acquaintance in electric vehicle and prototype design draws support from its experience and vision for the future while bringing Olba to life.

Years of Learning

As a part of Aldo Group, which has achieved success in the automotive, energy, industry, technology and tourism industries for the last 54 years, we let our experience and understanding of service shine in what we do.


Our experience of more than 10 years in the field of renewable energy guides us in this adventure we embarked on with Olba. We are fed by the knowledge and experience we have on eco-friendly energy.


Thanks to our team's 27 years of automotive experience, we understand the details and see the needs of the era. In the light of what we have learned over the quarter of a century, we are steering the wheel to the future.


Together with our technology team, we know what it means to create a project from scratch. We are getting ready to bring our experience to your garage by detailedly crafting all processes from design to production.


The unique service, with the awards earned by the teams of sales, marketing and dealership so far, inspires us on the way we set out to solve today's urban transportation problems.